Humanae Vitae Lecture Series

2022-2023 Humanae Vitae Lectures

John Bursch, senior counsel and vice president of appellate advocacy with Alliance Defending Freedom, gave our first Humanae Vitae talk of the 2022-2023 year: A Total Vision of Man, focusing on a natural law analysis of the Church's teaching on sex, contraception, and marriage. You can view a recording of this talk below. 


Professor Sherif and Gabby Girgis to discuss the purpose of marriage, marriage as reciprocal self-giving, and the spousal meaning of the body.

2021-2022 Humanae Vitae Lectures


Prof. Tim O’Malley from the McGrath Institute for Church Life spoke on “How Far Is Too Far? A Guide to Fruitful and Loving Dating.” This is an amazing discussion about how to live a romantic life in accordance with God’s plan for you.


Prof. David O'Connor of the ND Philosophy Department and family health doctor Dr. Justin Leugers discussed the morality and biological effects of contraception including how contraception affects the human body and the various moral implications of its usage.


Father Terry Ehrman, CSC, and Suzy Younger, MS, CFCP, discuss the morality and biology of natural family planning.