Below are the many different ways you can get involved with club education efforts. Contact our Director of Education, Theo Austin, with any questions or feedback.

Footprints: The Notre Dame Pro-Life Journal

Footprints is the official publication for Notre Dame Right to Life. We cover topics ranging from abortion-related legislation and medical news to the Catholic church’s involvement and teaching on the dignity of human life. If you are interested in getting involved, sign up for our staff writer email list HERE or reach out to Margaret Mathis

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Right to Life members at Humanae Vitae talk, Contraception and Gender: Where Are We Now? With Dr. Abigail Favale

Humanae Vitae 

The Humanae Vitae lecture series, named after the Saint Pope Paul VI encyclical on which it is based, is aimed at cultivating the proper nature and role of sex in human life on campus through discussions on the Sexual Revolution and its consequences on society, as well as the Catholic position on relevant issues. We have hosted pro-life leaders such as Dr. Abigail Favale, Suzy Younger, MS, CFCP, Dr. Justin Leugers, Professor David O'Connor, and Father Terry Ehrman. 

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We work to educate club members on how to best defend our pro-life convictions and also educates campus on current pro-life issues through trainings, seminars, tabling, media, and more.  


End-of-Life Issues

We are dedicated to fighting attacks on human life at its end including the death penalty, physician-assisted suicide, and euthanasia. Initiatives include letter-writing to prisoners on death row, advocating against legislative efforts to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia, and more. 


We focus on keeping the club up-to-date on legislative efforts at the local, state, and national level to advance or restrict pro-life policies. They also participate in campus forums on pro-life issues and facilitate discussion on pro-life citizenship. If you are interested in joining the politics team, email politics commissioner, Joe Dickerson

Adoption & Foster Care

We work to integrate adoption support into the resources offered to Notre Dame students and to educate students on the beauty of adoption. Initiatives include collaboration with Holy Family Adoption Agency, a spiritual adoption prayer and awareness campaign, creating backpacks for children placed in foster care, and more.