About Us

NDRtL is the largest non-academic student-run club on campus. Our mission is to promote a culture of life in the Notre Dame community through prayer, service, and education. We believe that all life has intrinsic value and dignity, from conception to natural death. Our programming seeks to serve students at Notre Dame by promoting and upholding the sanctity of all human life.



Education: We are primarily called to instruct and communicate the pro-life message on the campus of Notre Dame. Our secondary mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Life beyond the campus of Notre Dame, by means of outreach, sponsoring educational events, and by example.


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Service: Charity calls us to reach out and support our peers, especially those women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies. We will work to serve the needs of ND students, supporting local organizations, etc.


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Prayer: We will hold steadfast to prayer, the most powerful means of bringing about change.


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Community: In order to better serve as examples to our peers and foster a Culture of Life we must first nurture it among ourselves. While the very definition of a “club” requires a community, we must be particularly mindful of the deeper nature of community, particularly with its relation to the family, the experience of students at this University, and how these are all connected to the central mission of this organization.